Client Expectations

When you arrive for your airbrush tanning appointment, it is important to recognize that a semi-permanent color is being applied to your skin. The color will not last forever, but you can expect the results to last 7-10 days.

We feel it is always best to educate our clients on the process before you begin. 

Want a walk through of what you will experience?

1. The artist will conduct a skin care consultation at the start of your appointment. This is an opportunity for you and your artist to go over your skin history, any past sunless experiences, and any medical issues that may pose any a hazard or health concerns. At NG, we like to prioritize the well-being of our clients.

2. The artist and you will collaborate to choose the shade that will match your desired results. Every tan is customizable; you can choose whether you want an olive or violent undertone and mix different DHA levels to find your perfect color. Based on your skin type and routine, the artist can add additives that will add moisture to your skin, which also often prolong your tan. Every part about your tan is customizable - and, everything is noted in your account so if you need to change your color or adjust the depth the artist can easily refer back to your account.

3. The artist will step out of the room and you will undress to your comfort level. We have optional disposable under-garments for you, at your convenience. However, you can go fully nude if you are comfortable doing so, and want to avoid any tan lines.

4. The artist will come in when you are ready. Then the magic happens - you'll feel toned, tan, and even more beautiful. The actual tanning application takes 10-15 minutes (That's it, I promise it's so easy! Don't be nervous).

5. You will dry in the room after your tan application, put your loose fitted clothing on, and check-out at the front.

6. Now walk out of NG feeling Glo-ing and gorgeous. Your radiance will shine inside out because our solution is made with all SKIN-LOVING ingredients that make your skin feel and look healthier.

7. Book your next appointment, buy a membership, or shop our NG product line.




Natural Glo is amazing. Explaining the solution to you and how the different colors will look, and they makes sure you are flawless before you leave.  Natural Glo always checks in the next day to make sure I love it. Product is organic and does not make you feel dry, and when it fades out it doesn't look dirty like most places I have gone too."

Tiffany G., Sacramento

"Finally a spray tan that was exactly the color I wanted!  Natural Glo was wonderful at picking the best blend for that looked natural-everyone at the wedding thought my tan was real! The tan also didn't fade as fast as my spray tans from other places, which was great! Here I am one week later and am still pretty tan!"

Jackie M., Sacramento

"I couldn't have been happier with the experience and the color blend used on me it was perfect. They were professional, personable and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire session.  I love the way I look so much I'll be signing up for the unlimited package! Anyone who wants a year round summer glow without having to put your skin through the terrible tanning beds then you need to go to Natural Glo Airbrush Artistry."

Katie B., Sacramento